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Questions tagged [data-driven]

A scripting technique that does not put test data directly into the test script.

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Data driven using xml file in java selenium

I have already used the data driven approach and executed the test cases using excel file. I mean the data is extracted from excel file. Now I want to extract the data from xml file and execute the ...
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Compare web content with the CSV File

I want to compare my data in CSV with the web content. The data in CSV file comprises of multiple rows and column. How can I verify that the data inputted on the web is correct comparing it with the ...
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What are the validations I need to perform before transferring data from source system to target system and if my source system doesn't any have data?

What are the validations I need to perform Before transferring data from source system to target system? If my source system doesn't have data to transfer to DWH, how do I test in that scenario?
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I am getting Error in Excel Dataconfig how can i resolve this error?

Here is my Code:au package Mypackage; import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit; import; import org.testng.annotations.AfterMethod; import org.testng.annotations....
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