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An attribute of data that indicates correctness with respect to some pre-defined criteria, e.g., business expectations, requirements on data integrity, data consistency.

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How important is it to test a build against a clean data set?

Our web application is complicated, as are most modern apps. Typically, at the end of a release cycle, we branch our code and perform a regression test on the code. Additionally, all new features are ...
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How can I successfully introduce automated user interface testing to my organization?

Our development teams are good on writing unit tests and also for using the same framework (rspec in our case) for writing integrated tests. There is a strong desire to increase automated UI ...
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ISO standards implement in Software Quality assurance/testing

Please help that how to implement the ISO standards in SOFTWARE QUAILTY"" if any one has any template about these, share me please. I have read about the ISO/IEC 9126 but don't know how to implement ...
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Testing a data de-duplication and matching engine

Has anyone ever tested a row based data de-duplication and matching program (the data could be any personal information like names,addresses and postal codes etc) ? What kind of strategies/tools ...
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How to test and ensure the quality of an Artificial Intelligence system?

In deterministic (software) systems we have a set of business requirements and such a system can be fully defined. Meaning that given enough resources of time and relatively low complexity we can map ...
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Are there any test data repositories regarding diacritics in text strings?

I am about to test a software's handling of diacritics. a sign, such as an accent or cedilla, which when written above or below a letter indicates a difference in pronunciation from the same letter ...
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Validation testing of large datasets

I often have to write and execute validation tests on rather large datasets. The data comes in different quantities (one file vs. many files) and formats - sometimes it is table-like (csv, dbf, ...) ...
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Data Testing for Massive CSV/XML files

Some background: I am automating for continuous deployment a massive amount of massive files that are in different data structures that gather different data. I know this is vague but sadly, that is ...
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How to test data retention policy and cron job for deleting old data?

There are some retention policies for the data that my company uses. For different types of data, we have different rules and these different types of data and files are used in different ...
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How to test for and protect against bugs in large games where data is an integral part of the source code?

Very large games on the scale of a Runescape or a World of Warcraft often are frequently updated. In some of these updates, a small but significant change might accidentally be made and not detected ...
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Testing database transformation mappings

If regularly testing the creation of different datawarehouse tables using mappings from source tables. What do you suggest is the best approach or specific SQLs to do the trick?
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Testing Exchange Rates / FOREX in an accounting app

In black box automation testing of an accounting app which uses live feeds of foreign exchange rates for transactions, I would like to be able to record those exchange rates used to be able to assert ...'s user avatar
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Tool for verifying MySQL data matches source file

I'm looking for an automated way to test an API to ensure incoming data is stored correctly in a MySQL db. Starting with an empty db I send large amounts of XML to the API which populates the db. ...
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Need help with Data Comparison testing [closed]

Is there a best tool for use to load up data and do a comparison large sets of data apart from Excel in a customizable way?
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What tools and how to approach Data Migration testing? [duplicate]

What free automation tools exist for Data Migrations between Old and New Systems? What approaches should I use to ensure data was migrated correctly ? I'm a beginner Tester in web applications, E-...
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Invalid xml data generator

I am searching for a tool that can generate invalid data for xml. I know data valid in one system might be invalid in other. Still some error like length, signs, repetition could be simulated. I do ...
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Big data application testing

I am working on a project which has big data components in it. What would be testing artifacts (types of testing) of it which consists of data batch jobs, data ingestion framework, HDFS, tableau ...
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Real data sets testing

Say a database has a listing of states and abbr. An application is creating invoices. Who 'owns' testing the quality of the data in the database: QA, Application, BA? Would an application test all ...
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