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Questions tagged [data-validation]

Data validation is the process of ensuring that a program operates on clean, correct and useful data.

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ORM validation and testing

Writing a web application we have many places where validation takes (or potentially could take) place: - front-end application form - front-end application service - back-end application view ...
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Test cases to test 'name without special characters'

In our product, we're implementing something like - "video asset name is not allowed with special characters". There are many special characters. In order to test or automate this, if I try to create ...
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Should I consider a valid 9 digit zip code failure to be a bug?

We have a form that accepts zipcode It has quite a big field It accepts 90210 It rejects 902 902111 902-aaa aaabbbccc However it also rejects 90210-1234 Should I consider this a bug? Is it ...
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I have an ETL scenario where my source is Database and Target is flat file. How best can I test it to make bug free?

The flat file has millions of records and the source query is joining at least 10 tables. The Testing I have done is: Structure validation of the file. Like name & number of fields, delimiter, ...
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Are there any test data repositories regarding diacritics in text strings?

I am about to test a software's handling of diacritics. a sign, such as an accent or cedilla, which when written above or below a letter indicates a difference in pronunciation from the same letter ...
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JDBC PostProcessor Example in Jmeter for Response assertion [closed]

How to Use JDBC PostProcessor(using Jmeter Variable) in Jmeter with Response assertion(using Jmeter Variable).Provide me with example..
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1 answer

Validation testing of large datasets

I often have to write and execute validation tests on rather large datasets. The data comes in different quantities (one file vs. many files) and formats - sometimes it is table-like (csv, dbf, ...) ...
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2 answers

How can I validate CSV exports from my application?

My application has a daily task which exports certain activities to CSV files. In the ideal world, admins would check those files daily to make sure they are sane and the application is behaving as ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Testing migrated data vs source data

I am trying to find a text comparison tool which can compare text imported from a source and target database. the files are CSV's and could contain millions of records. This is to test a data ...
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1 vote
4 answers

How can I compare content in two similar databases?

I need to compare two databases which have many tables in it. Both databases are the same but we are running different scripts to load and validate the data. How will i do this? Can I use Selenium?
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Error messages on UI for 4xx and 5xx server errors

I have to test two scenarios when due to some action unexpected 400 and 500 server errors have been thrown and the proper message appeared on the client for each of the errors. When I try to edit ...
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1 answer

Big data application testing

I am working on a project which has big data components in it. What would be testing artifacts (types of testing) of it which consists of data batch jobs, data ingestion framework, HDFS, tableau ...
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JMeter XML Schema validation stopped at first error

I am using XML schema validation to validate XML response against XSD schema. Problem is that XML validation is stopped after first error found. For example, i have one error at line 105 and second ...
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