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Questions tagged [data-warehouse-testing]

It ensures that the ETL process functions well with other upstream and downstream processes. A Data warehouse implementation is a collection of many components, and hence integration testing is a must. Typically, system testing only includes testing within the ETL application.

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3 votes
2 answers

aws data pipeline testing tools

Our team is building an AWS product which uses several sets of tools like Lambda, SNS topics, EC2, data pipelines etc. I would like to know what type of testing tools/strategies that can be used to ...
8 votes
5 answers

What are some real world strategies for testing ETL and data warehouse applications

Does anyone have any advice to share on how to successfully test BIG ETL or data warehouse applications? I have my own ideas of-course, but there only appears to be one main article on line that ...
10 votes
5 answers

How far would you go in ETL and data warehouse testing?

Recently I've been testing on an ETL/Data warehouse project and the strategy I took was to work very closely with the business and leverage their knowledge to come up with all the weird and wonderful ...
0 votes
1 answer

Big data application testing

I am working on a project which has big data components in it. What would be testing artifacts (types of testing) of it which consists of data batch jobs, data ingestion framework, HDFS, tableau ...
2 votes
3 answers

I have an ETL scenario where my source is Database and Target is flat file. How best can I test it to make bug free?

The flat file has millions of records and the source query is joining at least 10 tables. The Testing I have done is: Structure validation of the file. Like name & number of fields, delimiter, ...
1 vote
2 answers

Any advice on testing sprocs that feed into an API?

I'm currently testing a Web API that delivers JSON content that I am validating the results for with defined JSON files. This works well. We know what the request is, can develop a query that should ...
5 votes
2 answers

Data warehouse testing checklist

What are some best practice approaches such as: SCD type 1/2/3 nulls duplicates missing data extra data special characters FK/PK referential integrity.etc
2 votes
1 answer

Testing database transformation mappings

If regularly testing the creation of different datawarehouse tables using mappings from source tables. What do you suggest is the best approach or specific SQLs to do the trick?