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Test Strategy for a Data Centre Move [closed]

I'm looking for a good example of a Test Strategy for a Data Centre Move. My company is physically moving locations. This means that our IT Systems will need to be migrated as part of physical ...
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In ALM 12.5 My audit Log table only holds 4 weeks of "bug" changes. Is there a purge setting or Size criteria I can change

The Audit log is on a rolling 4-week cycle. Everyday "BUG" update history is purged. Looking for how to extend this or stop this from happening ,so I can manage long tail defects better.
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What tools and how to approach Data Migration testing? [duplicate]

What free automation tools exist for Data Migrations between Old and New Systems? What approaches should I use to ensure data was migrated correctly ? I'm a beginner Tester in web applications, E-...
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Quality Checks on Excel / Automation

I am tasked to complete a quality check on excel. Background - We receive several excel files from different vendors daily. Before putting on the BI tool i need to make sure the naming convention is ...
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validating Large number of records

What are the primary testing techniques/methods to validate the every data point in the rows of records on source side to Target. How do we handle when there are millions of records to be validated ...
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Data clean up in selenium

I am doing automation testing of web browsers using selenium and the test includes that i create users, add personal details, approve, recommend and the likes. how do I clean up these data that has ...
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