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Android Samsung S21 - Changing region to test localized date formats

I am attempting to determine if the app code doesn't handle localized date format: Example in USA MM/DD/YYYY in Australia DD/MM/YYYY. I've change my language to English Australia and my Timezone to ...
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How to validate invalid date error message in Selenium Java project?

I have a "Date" field on my page I want to automate. Now, when I enter invalid value or invalid format, then its displays an error like: "This is invalid value for "Date" ...
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How can I format the current date and time and then use them in a variable in GoTest?

I use the keyword... get date But I have a date with the format like this Sun May 11,2014 9:60 p.m. I need to convert it in to this format 2014. I tried to put this
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Why would testing summer and winter solstice matter?

On Ministry of Testing site there is the Checklist for Testing Web Page Functionality. In Date & Time section, there is a "Summer and winter solstice (26: e mars kl 02-03 and 29: e October 02-...
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