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What is intermittent issue in Testing?

What is Intermittent issue in Testing? How do we find it?
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Interview question on doing a production release with a bug

There was an interview question as: There is a production release planned tomorrow. QA found a critical bug. The dev team is working hard to fix it with extra effort but they aren't anywhere close to ...
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Defect Management: Should I fail a test case if a defect is found that is unrelated to said test case?

I'm hoping to open an informed discussion as to the best practices when dealing with defect management. As a tester, if I'm testing a website and there are visual defects, however the test case I am ...
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Does defect density make a good key performance indicator?

Does defect density make for a good KPI? Is there any baseline which recommends that defect density should be above or below a certain amount for a release to be considered as 'healthy' or a 'better ...
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