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A software development process, also known as a software development life cycle (SDLC), is a structure imposed on the development of a software product

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What kind of testing should a developer do before passing a build to the QA team?

As a developer my knowledge of best QA practices, etc., are limited to know just enough to get me by writing unit tests, etc. From a tester's point of view, what testing procedures should the ...
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What goes in your definition of done (DoD) ?

In agile projects, we use the definition of done to ascertain when to consider a user story to be ready for acceptance (implemented and tested). In the project's DoD we have things like following ...
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Good resources for traditional testers adapting to an Agile environment

I haven't experienced a transition from waterfall to Agile myself - I worked for companies using Prince2, waterfall approaches to managing projects, and then I got a job working for a company using ...
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What practices do you use to Test-infect your engineers?

Let me start with some contexts in the form of a quote from JUnit Test Infected: Programmers Love Writing Tests: The Problem Every programmer knows they should write tests for their code. Few do. The ...
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Communicating markup changes between developers and testers

From time to time, our end-to-end tests fail because of a markup change made by one of our UI developers - for instance, there was an id on an element but it got removed/replaced, or an Angular ...
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How can developers improve relations with testers?

Testers and developers don't always get along, which can lead to a lot of inefficiencies between testing activities and perform QA. What can developers and other people do to make working with ...
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How can I organize QA documentation within an Agile environment

In Agile we favour immediate communication over documentation. However, in QA we still have a need and desire to document the process to provide structure and guidance. What high-level structure in ...
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How to organize a QA Process/Department?

I am in a 10 man team, and I am the only QA in the team. I am new to the team and I have already put a QA process in place. My process is this: Development (will wait till the development phase is ...
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What is the role of the software development manager in a QA/QC process?

I have read about software QA/QC and software-test that in an agile environment the software QA process "directs" the software process, that is to say, that it doesn't ship until it's ready to ship ...
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