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The .NET framework is a software framework (designed mainly for the Microsoft Windows operating system). It includes an implementation of the Base Class Library (BCL), Common Language Runtime (CLR), and Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). It supports many programming languages, including C#, VB.NET, F# and C++.

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How to rename or give a specific location to save the coverage file on dotnet test

I'm using dotnet test to get the code coverage of a given dotnet code project. In this case final out put will be looks like below. C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\workspace\Backend Dev\test\Api.Test\...
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I'm getting so many errors when updating the Appium dotnet driver, is there any way to fix them?

I just updated my Appium dotnet driver from to 4.0 and I got so many errors and warnings on the code. My major concerns are that it says Driver.tap, Driver.swap are not available and it's ...
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Which .NET test frameworks/runners support attaching files (such as a screenshot) to the test report?

I want to attach an HTML document to any test case that is about to fail. I can do this if I use Gallio test runner, but it doesn't integrate well with Visual Studio or TFS. According to Microsoft's ...
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Good resource on how to write dot net unit test cases?

I am looking for good resources on how to write good unit test cases in C#/Dot Net. Books, resources on the net or simply good advises. In particular the unit cases should give good code coverage and ...
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USB storage emulator

I need to emulate insertion and removal of SD cards to write tests. What is the best way/tool to implement it in .NET?
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Using FitNesse with .Net across multiple servers

My previous work involved writing embedded Linux code. We used a couple of the embedded devices in a test harness, a Linux PC and the Windows Perforce repository. The Linux PC ran an instance of ...
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Writing automated tests for System.Web.HttpApplication

I am currently using Moq to write automated tests for System.Web.HttpApplication in C#: public FakeHttpApplication CreateBaseMocks() { MockContext = new Mock<HttpContextBase>(); ...
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