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Selenium Webdriver got error cannot find msedge binary using google colaboratory and python

I have tried to do testing with URL of the webpage using Selenium. But, I tried with Google Colaboratory for compiler and Python for programming language. I use this code for starting from selenium ...
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Python + Selenium : Edge extension automation test failing continuously as driver.get(url) is not working

System : Python Behave Selenium Edge browser Target : Extension Problem : Edge extension automation test is failing continuously. There are multiple observations : Page gets loaded with enter ...
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Selenium controlled Chrome and Edge can't both access webcams

I am using Selenium 4 in java to control Chrome and Edge and other browsers in order to test a video call app. I have a test where I'm starting up 2 different browsers at once in order to get them to ...
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Automated testing Edge Chromium with Selenium and javascript returns "Unknown Error"

When trying to run Selenium on Windows 10 Edge Chrome version 80, I am getting the following error: Z:\node_modules\selenium-webdriver\lib\promise.js:2626 throw error; ^ ...
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How to open Edge browser in protractor for edgeHTML version 18

I tried all the solutions that are mentioned, but I am not able to get Microsoft Edge (HTML version 18) in Windows 10. I downloaded the web driver using the below command on my personal PC and copied ...
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Encountered Error Could not load type 'OpenQA.Selenium.Internal.IWrapsElement' from assembly 'WebDriver

I'm working in multiple browser testing. It was working code with chrome browser. Recently I have installed "Install-Package Selenium.WebDriver -Version 4.0.0-alpha04". MSedge Chromium and ...
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Unable to load MS edge chromium with Selenium

I'm trying to load the msedge chromium. encountering error. Steps to recreate: Installed mschromium Beta and Dev versions. Installed the Nuget package "Install-Package Selenium.WebDriver -Version 4....
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