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Ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time in doing something or in producing a desired result.

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How to efficiently report large amount of UI bugs?

I just got the first drop of a new component with significant UI content. Playing with it for less than 30 minutes I already identified 10 bugs. Writing these down in an eMail occurred while doing the ...
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Defect Removal Efficiency confusion

I have read several articles by Capers Jones, who states that: Defect Detection Efficiency (DDE): percentage of defects found after release Defect Removal Efficiency (DRE): percentage of fixed ...
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4 answers

How to share responsibility for pipeline tests across multiple teams

We have three teams working on the same product. Each follows the same sprint cadence but has their own scrum meetings. Recently the API testing has shifted to developers mostly, including maintenance....
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Testing a multi-platform project

We have an Android app that also has an online portal. Currently, two teams of developers are working on the Android and the web part separately. the process is being tracked using two separate Trello ...
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Whats the meaning of this 'Testing efficiency' number?

Looking for a way to measure the efficiency of software testing I came upon the following formula Testing Efficiency = (No. of defects Resolved / Total No. of Defects Submitted)* 100 from e.g. here. ...
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Formulas for test estimation?

I have 60 pages which i need to test for compatibility in 112 devices and OS's, are there any basic formulas to estimate these kind of Testing based projects. How should I give an estimation for ...
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Are Exhaustive "Brute Force" UI Tests Worth It?

Lately I've been asked to write some automated GUI tests of the following style: Open the application Open ALL dialog boxes In each dialog check for ... Are these types of tests worthwhile? What ...
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8 votes
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What's the most efficient way to run lots of tests?

Here's my current setup: Compile on teamcity Copy the dlls to 8 agents and run tests simaltaniousisly (via snapshot dependencies) Finally taper them in to a single 'publish' build configuration. ...
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Should automated tests be efficient?

I've written and edited a bunch of automated GUI tests. In some cases, the tests are inefficient (eg to select an item from a list, instead of a clever search, a dialog is opened and starting fro the ...
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