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Imitiating the Appium Inspector 'Refresh' button functionality in code? (Java)

is there a way for us to refresh the application's elements present in the DOM? similar to the way you refresh the elements using the Appium Inspector's 'Refresh' button? driver.refresh() only works ...
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How to get specific data in a div with Selenium?

Let's say this website has frequently changed data (stores). I am also only interested in certain stores from my list. How do I get all the data of the first store from the top and from my list? I was ...
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How to iterate two list of WebElements and print the values one by one to perform some action

As you can see I Have two list and I want output like one from one list and second from second list following is my code please help me in this. Code in Selenium Webdriver in Java: @Test public void ...
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Problem to find element with appium, application is running - appium oen application

I have a problem with testing of aúúlivation. I have this code for net CORE using MS test net.CORE. public class IPTV { static WindowsDriver<WindowsElement> Sessions; [ClassInitialize] ...
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How can i get an xpath or any other element for these drop downs, ? Select options or the (Sendkeys) works

How can I get an XPath or any other element for these dropdowns? Now for the first drop down with the value= 'Adrian Clarke,' I was able to get the Xpath and run it successfully. For the second drop-...
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Element not found in a runtime

I am encountering a very unusual thing, the one I haven't seen before. There is one element I needed to find for testing purposes, it is visible on the page and I can find its unique relative XPath ...