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Questions tagged [email]

Questions regarding email notification, email validation and verification.

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Get code from email - java

I have an automation flow where there is a need retrieve a code from an email and input it into as a verification code. As its a demo I could use any temp email and grab it but I am wondering now what ...
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Testing mail verification in organization domain

Requirement: Users should sign up for an application using mail id and an email will be triggered to that mail account. Mail will have the verification link , once the user verifies he can onboard ...
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Can some one please suggest me a good email inbox to use in selenium automation test execution

We have some test cases to validate email body content after triggering some emails from our test system. Previously we used UI automation with Gmail and Yahoo, but as we are running our test in ...
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Automate checking multiple emails

I'm trying to automate a job that is done everyday where someone checks multiple emails that is sent by various inhouse programs/scripts that people wrote. The person doing the checking has to see if ...
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2 answers

Selenium : How to automate end to end email feature of an application

So basically i am trying to automate the testing flow for the email functionality wherein - emails are triggered from application to users when they fill in a specific form and provide there email id ...
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Solution for the parallel execution of tests that verify email

I have a test, that reads Auth Code from mailbox and uses it to log in. I use Gmail API for that. I would like to have several such tests, that will run in parallel. However, I don't know, how to ...
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How can I automate the email signup and verification process using selenium? [duplicate]

I have to automate the email signup and verification process using selenium. Any suggestion?Thanks in advance.
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Help to test email provider

I recently started working for an Email provider company as a QA. However, I never had to test encrypted emails before, and am a bit lost. Has anyone here tested emails before? If so, I would ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Automating verification of sent EMAIL/SMS messages

I have been doing some research about how to do verification automation on sent emails - but haven't really found anything that has worked thus far. Here is what I need to test: We have a customer ...
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automated retrieval of account creation email

I'm looking to test an account-creation feature of my product. The back-end of my application (which I do not control, so I can't intercept the sending of the email) sends an email to the address of ...
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Email code modifications needed

Below is the email code to send Reports after execution and one method put is used, that's generating error. How to defined that put method to successful Test execution and test report sends ...
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5 answers

What is the correct format to send a QA pass email to developer?

I am working as an associate QA engineer and my team asked me to send a QA confirmation email. I don't have any experience with a confirmation email. Can you tell me what the format for a QA pass ...
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1 answer

Selenium-JavaMail api-Unable to perform email verification. It throws error as :- Please log in via your web browser:

I use java mail API in selenium automation script to verify email confirmations. The scripts will be executed by different team members. I got this error, when someone tries to run from other IP ...
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Is there any reason why preventing Disposable Email Address used to sign up? [closed]

I've been tested some of websites and apps, and I noticed that some of them preventing user to Sign Up using Disposable Email Address First things come to my head, this can be used to join an event ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to test a process that involves an email using Ruby?

For instance login thru email verification requires you receive and respond to an email. There seems to be a solution in Java called GreenMail. Does anyone know of a Ruby solution?
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jmeter - Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 587 [closed]

I am new to jmeter and trying to send an email using SMTP. Here is my sampler: this is the error results: Thread Name: REST example 1-3 Sample Start: 2018-01-15 14:34:54 CET Load time: 21003 ...
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8 answers

Proper way to use throwaway email addresses for testing

I need to use a throwaway email address domain in my test scripts. Currently, we are using mailinator but it blocks users after a certain limit of bulk emails is reached. Is there any other better ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Various Email addresses we use to validate Email address

I need to validate an Email address field comprehensively. From Wikipedia, I pulled the following valid/invalid email addresses, is there anything I am missing here? Thanks Valid email addresses ...
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How to test forgot password link?

I want to automate forgot password link. When click on forgot password link It goes to enter the email A link would be send via email. When click on that link we can get the change psssword option. ...
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1 answer

Automation - Testing the Contents in EMail

In my application I am supposed to test/fetch the data and contents of the E-Mail received after triggering the Schedule. How can I automate this scenario using Selenium web-driver ?
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Validating the content of email templates received using test automation

I have multiple email templates in my regression pack and tests include validating the content of email received (examples: Email address, name etc.). Does anyone have an idea on how to automate the ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Prevent testing email in production

I'm going through some problem, that the developers are leaving the email traces in the websites deployed live. We are only knowing about it when an employee leaves and his/her email starts to bounce. ...
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2 answers

Can we use telerik test studio to check automated email functionality?

Need to test whether an email is getting sent to a specific email ID (Gmail) when a specific action is done from the application under test. Can we automate this using telerik test studio?
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Release note notification [closed]

We are looking for a solution that can track when we send out the release notes to our clients and then storing the notes externally for the clients. If there is one solution for both that would be ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What is the best way to do load test Emails?

Our application SLA is to send 25,000 emails per hour. We use AWS SES, so use success simulates email provided by AWS SES as in here instead of sending actual emails:
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Give me some tips for testing Email client mobile application

I am not familiar with e-mail but I need to test Email client for mobile platform. I suppose that there are some test engineers which can help me to define tricky use cases and well-known problems ...
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4 answers

How to automate testing of received emails?

I'm testing an Email system where I would test a set of received emails to see if the received emails actually displayed as expected. This is done for each release of the system. So basically I want ...
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3 answers

Does anyone know of an automation tool that will perform actions on sending or receiving of an email?

I need to test that a series of sites are up and running and that they can send and receive email. Step one: send email from [email protected] Step two: expect response email emailServerOne@...
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Generating emails with inline images [closed]

I need to figure out how to get a diverse sample of emails with inline images in them. Our web application has to be able to identify inline images in email and then display the email and image in a ...
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test cases for conversation unsubscription in a email

I am a newbie at testing. The scenario described here is what happens when a user tries to unsubscribe from a conversation using Mailing list manager. To unsubscribe the user sends an email sample+...
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11 answers

Is mail testing with selenium possible?

We have merely just had a kick off meeting for a new project that I am required to automate ASAP. The project is essentially a "mailbox project", if you will, and I have no idea as to where to start ...
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Automating email verification feature of an application?

I'm helping to automate an new web application, part of this application requires email verification. What are the industry standards for automating the black hole known as "email"? What I'm trying to ...
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3 answers

Automate verification of emails being received

One of the applications that I have to do an enhancement to soon has a number of emails that are sent from the application. To the point of verification, I need to see the delivery failure ...
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