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Questions tagged [excel]

Spreadsheet and data analysis software from Microsoft. Microsoft Excel has the basic features of all spreadsheets, using a grid of cells arranged in numbered rows and letter-named columns to organize data manipulations like arithmetic operations.

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Test Complete Unable to load URL from Excel

Working on Test Complete Keyword driven framework, which is now migrated from Win7 to Win10. All the environment URLs configuration and actions are in Excel sheet. Issue: During execution once the ...
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How to click on the "publish item" button using vba + selenium?

So I am trying to automate inputting some "ads" in my webpage using Excel and VBA +selenium. So far I have managed to fill in all the info I need, but I can't click the button "publish ...
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How to write/insert (Embed) the image object into the excel in Selenium WebDriver (POI Jar ) using Java Programming language?

I want to insert (Embed) the image object into the excel file using poi jar. In Excel, we can able to do manually shown in the below screenshot. Similarly, I want to insert an image object through the ...
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Creation of Test Cases for Financial Reporting

I have been tasked with creating some test cases related to financial reporting using Microsoft Excel. I have a specific Microsoft Excel template which I have to fill in to create a good file. As in ...
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How do you store test data into nosql document database for quick read?

I am currently migrating our currently test data that is stored in excel files to a database. Because the type of data in the test results are going to grow we decided to go with nosql instead of sql. ...
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Microsoft Account SignIn button cannot be clickable (Java Selenium Excel)

This is my code public void AccessLogin() throws IOException, InterruptedException { WebElement oauth = driver.findElement(oAuth);; driver.get("https://login....
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