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What is the best approach for testing external integrations?

Nowadays a lot of software depends on external services and APIs. We can write automated tests such as acceptance and automated tests for internally built tools because we control the whole flow, some ...
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How to include automation framework jar file dependency in my maven pom.xml?

I want to include one .jar file which has classes of my core automation framework. I created a "lib" folder in my selenium project and then gave its path in the pom.xml dependency. This Jar ...
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What is the use of Maven in Selenium WebDriver Automation Project?

Do we use Maven only to create dependencies in pom.xml file? Isn't there any other use of Maven in selenium project?
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When nightly testing integrations with external systems, how should random failures of the external system be handled?

Our product can integrate with a variety of external systems. We support 5 different databases for storing business data, 5 different version control repositories, 5 different bug trackers,... We also ...
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Good strategies to test integration with multiple external providers

I have a single service that acts as "middle-man"/gateway between a few internal services and multiple external complex APIs, over 20 to 30+ different ones. I want to direct my testing efforts in ...
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Maven Dependencies Selenium

I have started learning Selenium recently, but i am stuck on the first step itself, in-spite of adding all the required webdriver dependencies, while initiating the webdriver instance in a function, ...
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How can I handle dependencies in Cucumber tests?

When I have dependencies such as http or authenticate, how can I use Cucumber without being slowed down on these services ?
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Is dependency injection suitable for TDD?

I used dependency injection in some projects but I didn't fully understand why. I think it is partly to facilitate TDD - if we use dependency injection then many dependencies of the software can be ...
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How should I handle failing tests caused by external dependencies?

I have a situation where an dependent application is down and I cannot execute the test case. The test execution is automated. The test first calls the dependent application API and this API returns a ...
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