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Writing and running functional tests for Flash with Selenium.

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ChromeDriver FlashPolicyHelper does not work remotely

We're using the new FlashPolicyHelper(driver).addSite("") In order to bypass the getFlash prompt when trying to navigate to our websites that use Flash. However this does not ...
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How to use Run Keyword If in Robot Framework

I want to run Keyword if Element is visible. E.g I want to check that if a button is visible on the page then run particular Keyword. Below is my code. Create button is Keyword and want to run if ...
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Flex Test Automation Tools Questions [closed]

Below tools I figured out for Flex Testing FlexMonkium - Selenium IDE Addon FlexMonkey - FlexPilot - FlexUISelenium - ...
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Does selenium work with video?

I have some videos and i want to test their with automation Can you tell How does selenium work with video? How does he recognize it. I need to test if are videos on the page. Thanks!
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