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Graphics used to present the flow of data and processes

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What will be the statement coverage, decision coverage and branch coverage of these following problem?

I have been trying to get ISTQB certification and this is my first time with manual testing stuffs, I found it very interesting but can some please tell me how to find the statement coverage, decision ...
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Right way to draw flowcharts [closed]

Let's say my mobile app has a 3 intro screens Screen1, Screen2, Screen3 that are shown at the 1st launch. When Screen1 and Screen2 screens are swiped right the next screen is shown. Also there is a &...
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How to calculate condition coverage?

I am trying to prepare to test and I see the next exercise in internet: How many test cases are needed to achieve 100 % condition coverage? if ((temperature < 0) or (temperature > 100)) { ...
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Statement Coverage Question : ISTQB Foundation Level

I have seen the following question in an ISTQB - Foundation Level sample paper. Q. 12: If the pseudo code below were a programming language ,how many tests are required to achieve 100% statement ...
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How do we calculate Statement coverage, Branch coverage , Path coverage and Condition coverage in White box testing?

I am preparing for a testing certification. These types of questions are asked frequently. Example 1: Read P Read Q IF P+Q > 100 THEN Print “Large” ENDIF If P > 50 THEN Print “P Large” ENDIF ...
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