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Front end development is how that design actually gets implemented on the web.

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How would you answer this interview whiteboard question about testing multipart forms?

How do I answer this tech interview whiteboard question on testing? What is the minimal number of tests to cover the functionality of Scenario #1? Scenario #1: The application depicted below is a ...
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Report non-unique ids?

Since a webpage should only have unique id attributes, does that mean you should report that as a bug on an otherwise functional page? For one, it surely makes automation more difficult, but for some ...
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Liquid Template Linter [closed]

Has anyone here had a good experience linting/doing code quality checking for liquid files within Shopify? I'm having a hard time trying to find a linter that will validate the liquid code in my HTML ...
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2 answers

Best practice to TDD a unit of work in frontend JavaScript

Context Right now, I'm working on an overhaul of an edit page for a menu, which is quite involved in and of itself. I have identified the issue: there is literally no structure in place for when a ...
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Why isn't my 'if' statement working in my Cypress test

I'm trying to add an 'if' statement into my login test as there are two login pages that can be loaded. The test below is failing when it can't find the text 'Not your account?', when it should be ...
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How to unit test the plethora of js frameworks?

There's a bunch of popular javascript frameworks such as Angular React Vue Ember Meteor What tools exist for unit (white box) testing each of them? Does each framework support its own unit testing ...
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6 votes
4 answers

What reasons would companies have to use web testing (Selenium) and API testing (SoapUI) for the same functionality?

Scenario: I want to test a new functionality in the system "login and verification". I assume that developers have done the unit and integration test, and I am just doing a system test Do companies (...
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How do I automate front-end testing for a web app with Javascript?

I am introducing myself to devops engineering and I'm stuck on "how to automate testing for web applications". I consider that backend and api test automation are relatively simple and the concept is ...
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Which development skill/path will add more benefit/value to QA [closed]

I'm a QA, now I have a chance to learn a development skill under developer instruction. Which one will add more benefit for a QA career path? Back-end (PHP) Front-end Please help to shed a light
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