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Functional testing is a quality assurance (QA) process and a type of black-box testing that bases its test cases on the specifications of the software component under test.

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Compare screenshots of rendered web pages

In my team, we use Selenium for automation of functional testing. We also do a lot of manual regression testing to make sure the appearance of the rendered web pages is ok. I would like to develop a ...
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Open-source functional testing automation tools for testing Silverlight based applications

I am looking for an open-source functional testing automation tool that supports testing of Silverlight based applications. To be more specific, the tool should be able to recognize objects within ...
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Why is separating functional and non-functional test important (or not)?

There have been several questions lately along the lines of "Is X a functional or non-functional type of testing?". Although I understand the distinction, it's never been an important distinction for ...
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Bugged Mobile App To Test

I am looking for some bugged apps in order to perform functional test training and/or test some techniques. I found some resources like this, or a list of web application like it. However these are ...
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Installation testing is part of functional or non-functional testing?

In your test strategy/testing where would the installation testing (set-up/deployment with or without installer) belong? Is it a part of functional testing or non-functional testing?
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Is it a good practice to run functional tests with coverage?

Does it make sense to run once in a while, say, on a weekly basis, integration/functional tests against special build to have a coverage report. If anyone here has some practical experience of using ...
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Selenium, monitor network, captureNetworkTraffic command not available [duplicate]

I need to know if an application is requesting one beacon via an image or XHR request. Manually I test it via the network tab in FireBug or monitoring the proxied requests in other browsers... ...
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What is intermittent issue in Testing?

What is Intermittent issue in Testing? How do we find it?
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Sr QA Interview Questions [closed]

Need help !!! Can anyone help in understanding the interview process for a Sr QA in USA ? I got my H1B this year and looking forward to working in Oct but do not know what type of interview Questions ...
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