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Questions tagged [functional]

Functional testing is a quality assurance (QA) process and a type of black-box testing that bases its test cases on the specifications of the software component under test.

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Issue when login to android app. using selendroid

I am using selendroid to test android app. Everything works fine till login click/tap. Once I Tap/Click on login button it close my android application and does not return any error. My code is given ...
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Outside or within remit - should a BDD scenario be created for this user request

Given the following overarching purpose (mission statement) for an application: In order to help keep a healthy and refreshing sleep regime, or in order to limit computer-related addictive behaviours,...
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Load testing with functionality testing

I have a campaign with landing page with next button, opt-in page with form, scratch page with win/loose buttons, result page with next button, claim page with form and thank-you page. I want to do a ...
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Testing partial deployment to the Blue/Green slots?

My application under test is a legacy system, being in the process of rewriting towards the modular microservice way, however the modules are not completely independent and make all sorts of calls to ...
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Compare 2 JDBC response in Jmeter

I want to compare 2 JDBC responses: I have Source reponse from 1 JDBC request as below in table format: (Source DB)JDBC Response response1: (Target DB)JDBC Reponse 2: I am saving the response as ...
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Android Function testing report generate using Appium + Python

I am currently working on a mobile application with appium with python. There are a lot of options for every file selection in that. Currently checking if processing all the types of files are ...
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Looping to open links in new tabs

I want to iteratively click each item in a structure of links and open each link in a new tab. I also want to get and print the title of each tab. package basics; import java.util....
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Different Scenarios for two elevators programmed to different floors

Assume there are two elevators programmed for stopping in odd and even floors. i) What kind of test we need to do to ensure that the elevators working fine without any hassle. ii) What are the ...
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