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Hudson is a continuous integration tool written in Java. Jenkins was forked from this after a dispute with Oracle, who subsequently transferred Hudson to the Eclipse Foundation.

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Jenkins Warnings plugin: excluding messages [closed]

We have installed and enabled Jenkins' Warnings Plugin and, we are using it's Maven parser to detect warnings in the task execution log. This plugin has a set of advanced options that are supposed to ...
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SeleniumHQ stuct in Checking Resource aliases

I want to run testsuite from Hudson, for that i have installed seleniumhq plugin and configured in hudson, but when i run the hudson it stuck on "Checking Resource aliases" step. Started by user <...
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Include Watir test cases in a Continuous Integration system

Did anyone succeed deploying Watir test cases to a continuous integration system such as Team City or Hudson? I'm trying to find a way to have the test scripts executed and have the results ...
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Creating bugzillas for failed tests on Jenkins?

We have a Jenkins enviroment running for a while and we create a bugzilla for each failed test to inform developers that something went wrong and he needs to correct that test. For now, we create this ...
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How do I write a script to be executed by Hudson to automatically restart test environment machines?

I am working in a test environment where we need more than 10 machines, including VMs. The AUT is a Distributed Network type and uses Cassandra nosql DB. We are required to restart each of the ...
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