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Windows Internet Explorer 9 (abbreviated as IE9) is the current version of the Internet Explorer web browser from Microsoft.

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Testing webpage behind Great Firewall of China

I have a challange to tackle. We have webpage that will be used by Chinese customers, we need to make sure it works properly in China. Have you ever tested webpage that should work in China? What was ...
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How to change the settings and add-ons in IE using VBScript?(without registry)

I am trying to update the IE settings like (Security level, popups, Zoom ... ) and also wanted to enable addons in "Manage addons". I wanted to updated those settings using VBscript/JavaScript with ...
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Problem with drop-down menu

I'm new to Selenium Webdriver and I have a problem with a dropdown menu. I compiled my code but sometimes it returns the error: org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchElementException: Unable to find element ...
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How to test website in IE for Ubuntu 12.04 os

I am new to Ubuntu 12.04 OS, I need to check a website for browser Compatibility with IE, I have already tried Playonlinux and Wine Softwares. but IE is repeatedly crashing, Is there any option to ...
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Internet Explorer doesnot login to website of remote desktop is not opened

I am writing a simple script that will log in to a website, I am trying to run it through Jenkins job on a remote desktop, I have placed my code on GIT Hub and configured Jenkins to run test. My ...
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Get older versions of Internet Explorer

How can I get installer for older IE version? For testing, I often need particular version and have found compatibility mode to not be good. Where is some nice directory of every version? Extra ...
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Parse .htaccess credentials in Internet Explorer

I am trying to access a .htaccess protected test url and I get the following error When i am trying to run the tests in IE Failed to navigate to http://Username:[email protected]/svn/...
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HP QTP 10 Issue while logging onto the demo Mercury Website

I am trying to log-in on the demo website created by HP Mercury to do some hands on their proprietary product QTP 10. I opened this site successfully on IE9 (Win7 X64 PC). ...
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Why does IE9 running WebDriver scripts gets out of focus if other applications are open?

I have automated tests running on IE9 on Windows 7 64 bit. The application under test is a simple webform with a 'Next' button on each page. When i run the automated tests on Firefox 12 they run in ...
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WebDriver function failing intermittently in Internet Explorer near clear() method

Does anyone know why this WebDriver function would be failing intermittently in Internet Explorer? Seems to always fail right around the textbox.clear() line. It works perfectly in Firefox, but fails ...
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Problem with IE9 security certificate when accessing HTTPS URLs using Selenium 2 WebDriver

I have some Selenium 2 WebDriver test cases for Firefox and Internet Explorer 9. When I access HTTPS URLs on IE9 (Windows 7 64 bit) I get: There is a problem with this website's security certificate. ...
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Considerations for site audits and testing on IE9?

Now that Internet Explorer 9 has a growing market share (5.63% at time of writing, and closing in on IE7 fast), what are some of the major considerations for people wishing to test sites and web ...
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Will recordings made with Test Manager in IE8 work in IE9?

I've had a quick read around this subject and it looks like Action Recordings can be made in Internet Explorer 9 and then played back with fast forward. However my question is about recordings made in ...
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Upgrade SilkTest automation scripts to work with IE9

We use SilkTest 2010 Open Agent to perform Automated Web Testing. Our scripts currently work on IE6 - IE8 and on Firefox 3.X. IE9 has changed modal boxes to unintrusive pop-ups at the bottom of ...
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