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Automatically testing for typical edge cases?

I want to set up automated testing on my UI components. For anything that renders textual data (i.e. strings or numbers), I would like to automatically test for typical edge cases, such as: Very long ...
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Highlighting text in Selenium

Is there a way to highlight text entered in the field using sendKey() in Selenium WebDriver in Java? My code: public static WebDriver driver, high; public static void highlight(WebDriver driver, ...
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Is it possible to do Functional Testing w/ JMeter - Invalid input test and required field input test?

I need to know if it's possible to do functional testing (frontend or backend) with JMeter only - w/o 3rd party software. I need to be able to test required fields and bad data input in a form.
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Password field testing, few questions

I have no requirements for this field by default in my case. 1) If password field accept password like 8 empty spaces in a row, is it usually considered like a bug? 2) If no validating for field ...
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Cucumber Gherkin XML-input

I am working on a REST-API that validates data (system to system communication). This data is described in XML. The content of the XML is validated using business rules which are implemented in the ...
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Automating web app screenshots and inputs [closed]

Good day, I've been working for some time now on a web app and recently my workload has grown tremendously. I have to take presentable (showing correct info and setup) screenshots for our product and ...
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Should I consider a valid 9 digit zip code failure to be a bug?

We have a form that accepts zipcode It has quite a big field It accepts 90210 It rejects 902 902111 902-aaa aaabbbccc However it also rejects 90210-1234 Should I consider this a bug? Is it ...
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Should username/login ID be case-sensitive?

I need to know what is the standard rule for creating username/login ID. Should it be case-sensitive? If I have successfully created three accounts (user2, useR2, USER2), should I consider this a bug?
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