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Installation automation

I would like to test software installation(on windows) after each release. Since installer doesn't support silent mode i wonder if there is one good aproach that can minimize list of used tools and ...
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How to handle unit test / integration test for a Installation / Setup Application that can be used in multiple platform such as Windows, Linux, Unix

I'm handling a code repository that is responsible to deploy / install / upgrade agent that are running on different platform, windows, unix, linux. The code base already has some unit test to cover ...
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How do we perform installation testing of a native Android app on different devices

We have one Android app which is live as well. So far we have some device in the company (around 3-4) and we have tested the app (installation and full functionality) over them and all working fine. ...
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Setting appium to run test on iOS device

Please help me for my setting in appium, I cant launch and display appium inspector on ios, but my setting for android already working and fine use macOS- Sierra appium 1.5.3 iphone iOS 10.2 ...
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