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Java integrated development environment (IDE) for developing computer software. It is developed by JetBrains and formerly known as IntelliJ.

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safari message error when starting selenium

I have a MacBook m2 and I want to test with the Safari web browser. I received this message when I compiled my small test with Intellij idea ce. Could not start a new session. Possible causes are ...
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Unable to create a Java class in the existing framework in IntelliJ

Unable to create a Java class in the existing framework in IntelliJ. Java is already installed but still not able to create Java class. Also tried reimporting and reinstalling IntelliJ but still ...
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how to input data on reCaptcha protected page automatically using intellij framework [duplicate]

I am presently working on a story that requires me to make payment via a credit card and Klarna, but unfortunately, I am not getting the right element when I try to locate it. However, I see the page ...
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Exception in thread "main" org.openqa.selenium.SessionNotCreatedException: Could not start a new session. Possible causes are invalid address

My code is import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver; import; import org.openqa.selenium.firefox.FirefoxDriver; import; public class Main { ...
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What is BrowserGetter in JUnit?

I am a beginner for test automation and following the Test Automation University 'IntelliJ for Test Automation Engineers' course. In chapter 6.3 to create fields and variables use this 'BrowserGetter' ...
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How to get the count of all the test cases in my Maven Selenium test project

At the moment I'm working on a legacy Maven Selenium test project. It will take around 10 hours to run the entire test suite. After 10 hours from the IntelliJ I can get the total number of test cases ...
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GUI / report for Selenium / Maven test failures

I've got testers starting to work with Selenium / Maven / Java / IntelliJ Idea. Does anyone know if a way I can generate a GUI report of a test's results after it has been complete? Only need to ...
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Why is my Feature File failing to find the Step Definition?

I have the following Feature File which is grayed out so I cannot run it from an IntelliJ Run configuration, nor from the right click context in the Feature File, though it runs fine from the ...
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Flutter driver Test Explorer

is there a way to get some kind of Flutter Test Explorer into the IntelliJ IDE? I am thinking of something like JUnit has in Visual Studio. Let's say that it should be something like this. My tests ...
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HTTP client test integration into Jenkins

IntelliJ Ultimate offers a code editor to test HTTP request (including asserts). Those tests can even be stored as a file or run-config to be executed for later api testing. The official documentation ...
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IntelliJ feature file undefined step reference with import

I have a feature file with the following: Scenario: Test something Given I do something to test something My step definition: import; ... @Given("I do something to ...
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Cucumber > Saving State up to a Step

I am using Cucumber through IntelliJ and am working on fixing a broken test. I was wondering when debugging, is there a way to save the state of the system up to a certain step in the feature file, if ...
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Cucumber step definitions in .feature file not highlight

In my project, I create simple feature file in my maven project using cucumber syntax. but IntelliJ IDEA, not highlight steps in feature file and also I cant use ALT+ENTER key to create step ...
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Is there a way to setup WebStorm to execute Javascript/Protractor code in place using Evaluate Expression tool?

I'm coming from a Java+Selenium environment, so maybe this is a mismatch of understanding that I'm having with Javascript/Angular/Protractor. I used to use IntelliJ's IDEA IDE for automation testing. ...
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Why is there no Gauge plugin version for Eclipse IDE

I have been using Eclipse for building my automation framework. Recently I wanted to use gauge in my framework. But while trying to install the plugin I noticed that the version number of Gauge for ...
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