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Software testing activity related to iPhone mobile platform.

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How to remotely control iPhone from a Windows 10 PC without jailbreak?

Due to the current scenario, I do not have iPhone with me right now and I need to perform some tests on it using my Windows machine. I googled a lot but many solutions were saying to jailbreak the ...
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iPhone X simulator

I have to do some UI testings on iPhone X, but I don't have a device or even a Mac. Is there any way to test an iPhone app on an iPhone X simulator on a Windows environment.
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Unable to run protractor test in browserstack on ios device

I am trying to run protractor test(ios-11, iPhoneX)in browserstack. I am getting "Error: Error while running testForAngular: Unable to communicate to node" error and some time I am getting the error ...
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How do I automate testing installing an iPhone app?

I am familiar with writing automation for testing web pages in a browser using selenium, rspec, jasmine and similar tools. Now I want to test a new iPhone application that we have developed. The ...
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iPhone + macbook + mirror : How can I see/mirror my iPhone's screen on my macbook?

I'm automating ios app. For demo purpose I wanted to mirror my iPhone's screen on my macbook. How can I do it? I am using OS X with version 10.11.4 and iPhone iOS version 8.3 Question - How can I ...
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What issues, when automating responsive mobile sites, don't appear on a desktop

We're trying to have automated mobile testing but it's taking a huge amount of effort and I'm not seeing any rewards. Our site is responsive and has a mobile view. We do not have native mobile apps. ...
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Suggest some Android and iPhone mobile app automation tools [closed]

Please suggest me some tools for Android and iPhone app automation testing. I have searched some, like - Appium, Calabash, MonkeyTalk, Selendroid, Robotium, etc. I am confused to choose any one from ...
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Force 3G connection for iPhone? [closed]

I need to do some testing on 3G for a client and I have found no other way to do so without standing in the elevator. To avoid that, is there any way to force my iPhones to stay connected on 3G only? ...
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4 answers

I want to test iphone app on my windows laptop [closed]

I want to test an iPhone app on my Windows laptop. Is there any tool / simulator? How can I install the build on that simulator?
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What should happen to Badge count when app is updated?

I am testing one of the iOS apps which has Push Notification functionality. Suppose while testing I have sent some Push Notifications to the app so that app icon started showing badge icon on it. Now ...
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2 answers

Tool to UI, Performance, Functionality testing for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for IOS mobile application

I am new to IOS mobile application testing, can anyone suggest me the automation tool for IOS mobile application, so that UI, functionality and performance test could be done with that. I tried with ...
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3 votes
9 answers

iPhone / Android Emulators for PC that works with apk / ipa files

We have an application coming up, which is a hybrid application developed using Phonegap. This will be available to us as APK and IPA packages. I have been trying Android ADT Emulator, it is painfully ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Appium vs. AndroidDriver + IPhoneDriver in Mobile Automation Tests

I have been writing Selenium Browser automated tests and now I would like to begin writing mobile browser automated tests for Android and IPhone. I am deciding between the Appium framework and the ...
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2 answers

How to Force a server error on Android / Iphone platform?

So my question is somewhat simple. I want to test 2 things Error logging Server error page For the web platform it's somewhat easy to do using fiddler or Charles (I'm sure there are plenty other ...
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Test execution report in HTML format for MonkeyTalk

MonkeyTalk provides the functionality of running test suites with Ant. Reference: Running Suites With Ant I wanted to know if it is possible to generate HTML reports of test execution? I want to ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Need a similar functionality like WaitForPageToLoad in MonkeyTalk

Is there any similar function/ command in MonkeyTalk, like WaitForPageToLoad which is in Selenium, that lets me specify the script to wait for a screen to render before moving ahead? I checked ...
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4 votes
2 answers

iOS UIAutomation UIAElement.isVisible() throwing stale response?

I'm trying to use isVisible() within a loop to create a waitForElement type of a function for my iOS UIAutomation. When I try to use the following code, it fails while waiting for an element when a ...
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20 votes
14 answers

Tools for testing iPhone apps

I was wondering if there any automation tools out there that can help with the process of testing an iPhone application on the device itself and not on a simulator. Ideally, it would have to simulate ...
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