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International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) is one of the largest certification providers for Software Testers

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Do ISTQB/ISEB Testing Certificates prove that someone can test?

I have passed the foundation level exam, and to be honest, I'm pretty sure that anyone could pass that exam with a couple of days of studying. My question is are these certificates really of value to ...
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7 answers

Where can I find ISTQB Foundation mock exams with reliable answers?

Where can I find ISTQB mock exams with reliable answers? I have heard that there are a lot of sites with mock exams but they told me to be careful because some of their answers are not correct.
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ISTQB: incidents should be raised when someone other than the author of the software performs the test

I am preparing for the ISTQB Foundation Level Exam by taking this mock test. Consider the following statements i. an incident may be closed without being fixed ii. incidents may not be raised against ...
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How to further expand knowledge in Software QA?

I recently passed the ISTQB Foundation Level exam and even though I did pretty well in the exam I have the feeling that I haven’t learned much at all except maybe some basic concepts and a few ...
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4 votes
2 answers

ISTQB Software Testing Foundation course

I'm very much interested in taking ISTQB Software Testing Foundation course. But before I start with the course I wish to familiarize myself with Software Quality Assurance & Testing. So are ...
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Boundary Value Testing - Difference between three point and two point values [ISTQB - Adanced Test Analyst]

This question appeared in one of the sample questions in a web site: Q. 105: What is the difference between designing tests with three boundary values per boundary and designing boundary value tests ...
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Can we take ISTQB exam Foundation Level with version 2011 even if version 2018 is available?

When we prepare for ISTQB exam Foundation Level with version 2011 then a new version 2018 becomes available just before the exam.What shall we do? Shall I reschedule the exam and prepare 2018 or I can ...
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