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Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration tool written in Java. Forked from Hudson after a dispute with Oracle.

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Automated tests in CI: same or different repo as SUT?

I'm currently writing API and UI automated tests for a website. My goal is to plug these tests in the CI workflow (Jenkins is used in this organization). The workflow would be: if there's a new commit ...
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Strategies for automating testing on features that are only on certain environments

Say we have a dev environment, an integration, a pre-production and a production environment. We have features A-G that are on everything, while new feature H is on dev+int only, so far. We want to ...
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How to automatically rerun failed TestNG tests on Jenkins and update the final results to pass if retries passes?

How to automatically rerun failed TestNG tests on Jenkins and update the final results to pass if retries passes? Description: I have two tests that ran. Test1 passed, but Test2 failed then on retry ...
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What is the correct way to configure the VirtualBox plugin on Jenkins?

I am trying to get the VirtualBox plugin working with Jenkins. My plan is then to hook up the Selenium plugin as well and get a grid running on the VirtualBox cloud. When I follow the instructions on ...
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Headless browser testing using X virtual frame buffer

My current setup is using Jenkins as my CI environment, which has some ubuntu server nodes to execute the end to end browser tests on some amazon EC2 machines using selenium 2. I am wondering if ...
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Marking build as unstable if tests are skipped

I use tests checking their preconditions with assumeThat(preconditionX, isSatisfied()); that throws SkipException when not satisfied. As a result I have 2 of 73 tests skipped while build in Jenkins ...
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Effective way to deliver automation script to client?

I am QA automation engineer. We have so many clients for whom we are doing web scraping. We automate their daily task to save their time and resource. Every client demands that they should able to ...
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Looking for a solution to run selenium tests on EC2 with GUI

My selenium tests are triggered from Jenkins server which in AWS EC2-Ubuntu. But in EC2, since tests run on chrome-headless, debugging has become difficult. I tried XVFB display but had unresolved ...
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WebGL doesn't work with Chromedriver

I'm having an issue I've hit a wall on, I'm hoping someone else has encountered. I am running selenium/splinter tests on a VM with Chromedriver installed. When I open the webpage on the VM with Chrome ...
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Can I execute selenium test cases in a real browser through jenkins without grid

Am executing Selenium test cases from Jenkins locally but execution is happening in back-end am not able to see the browser launch and close. Is it possible to see the execution when I trigger from ...
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