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Questions tagged [jira]

JIRA is a project and issue tracker from Atlassian.

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Using XRay on Jira Cloud version?

I'm trying to configure XRAY on our cloud Jira instance, so I can click on "Create" up on top and have my Xray fields available to set right there. However, I am finding that custom fields ...
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How to get Katalon Execution Result on Jira?

Crosspost from the main StackOverflow page: I'm trying to integrate Katalon into Jira with the Jira extension, but the field in Jira is not appearing. I followed the directions here: (https://forum....
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Jira Test Center plugin with similar functionality to the Jama Test Center

I am working on a new project for which requirements are being managed in Jira. My previous experience is using Jama to manage requirements, test cases and finally test cycles and test runs. I really ...
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Create Issue error - TestLink Integration with JIRA

I have integrated Testlink with JIRA. There are two bug management icons displaying one for creating issue and one to link an existing issue. Linking existing issue is working fine. But, Create Issue ...
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Integration of Jira with Testlink

Does anyone know how to fix the integration with Jira when you want to create an issue in Testlink? I attached the screenshot below.
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Jira Xray copy / push steps of a testcase to git (bitbucket)

I would like to commit / push all test steps of a jira-xray issue into git without writing custom code for the provided XRAY REST APIs. The workflow should be something like this Each day all jira ...
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Export execution history for a whole project in Zephyr

What I want is to be able to export that data in Zephyr (not the Execution Status (current state), but the Execution History), and not just for 1 test case, but for a project of test cases.
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XRay for Jira - Equivalent of Scenario Outlines

I am trying to translate cucumber into XRay for Jira issues with the right structure. The result should be issues with Test Executions I can run for every example. I want to make a test with multiple ...
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Not able to add Bug from Testlink to JIRA (Required Version Number)

I have Integrated JIRA from testlink using REST API. I was also able to link the failed testcase to a bug in JIRA. But while trying to create issue in testlink there is a validation happening for ...
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Application coverage calculation using Jira

I would like to know how in agile mode, you manage to get a coverage rate of your functional requirements through your tests? Especially when using Jira. We have US, which contain CA (acceptance ...
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Can I make test cases for web application security testing?

We have been performing application security testing based on OWASP standards. We use JIRA to report the bugs or improvements. However, is there any way where we can make a generic test case for these ...
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