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JUnit is a unit testing framework for the Java programming language.

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Take screen shots using selenium webdriver

How to take screen shot on both test cases "Positive and Negative" results? NOTE: Currently, I am working in selenium webdriver (junit) and I did not have an idea about how to code for adding methods ...
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2 answers

How to manage application data when running multiple tests in parallel?

Our functional test suite is slow I have inherited a functional test suite using Selenium 2 (Webdriver) and Junit. We have around 500 tests written for our Java web application. Running the full ...
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One Selenium framework to rule them all (or an actively maintained collection of frameworks)

I am looking for most universal, up to date, open source, selenium framework for test automation. Or at least a number of frameworks for different languages. I am surprised as how every company and ...
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What are good resources for a manual tester to transition to automation?

Nervously looking at job posts, automation and programming is no longer "good-to-have". It is almost a must. I'm a manual tester looking to start working towards automated testing/test automation. I ...
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How and where to store dynamic result/data using webdriver java

I want to know "How and where to store dynamic (Search results) result/data", I am getting the results and not sure what to do next. Also, after saving these results I want to use this in another ...
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Code Coverage for Web Applications?

Does anyone have any experience using code coverage tools for web applications? I primarily work with Webdriver and JUnit, but I am not sure if we are covering all the possible cases. This may ...
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2 answers

What are Selenium, JUnit, Ant and JScover and how they are combined?

I am given a javascript function which takes as input some numbers and returns the max, as a part of a project at the university, and I have to test it, using Selenium, JUnit, Ant and JScover. I have ...
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Cucumber + Junit + Extend Test Steps (use IDs in next step)

Details: We currently use Mockito/ Wiremock (in different teams), Junit and Cucumber in our test procedure. And test cases are functional, but we want to extend them with regard to post procedures. ...
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