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JUnit is a unit testing framework for the Java programming language.

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How to run same test case in different browsers in Cucumber using Java

New to automation and Cucumber. I have a .feature test case (a simple login function) that I would like to run in multiple browsers in parallel. I want to store the browser properties in a global ...
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Can't run tests from Cucumber feature.file (cucumber.runtime.CucumberException:)

I can run my tests from my runner class without any problem. Here is my Runner-class: @RunWith(Cucumber.class) @CucumberOptions( format = {"pretty", "html:target/cucumber"}, glue = {"...
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Selenium ide Java generated code does not scroll

I am trying to automate a test suite by using selenium IDE, the idea its to generate the tests with the IDE and then export them to a java/jUnit format. The problem its that the the tests generated in ...
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Unable to call custom annotation in selenium test

Unable to call custom annotation in selenium test i am writing a Apache poi selenium junit test - To avoid @RunWith i have tried myown annotation public class MyTest extends OtherTest { String a ;...
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JUnit tearDown implementation for Spring-test's SimpleNamingContextBuilder/DataSource

I'm using this code snippet to mock JDBC Datasources from within Junit4: @Before public void setUp() throws Exception { try { SimpleNamingContextBuilder builder = new ...
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Running a Cucumber test runner without executing the tests

One of the Cucumber options is to create a .html report or .json file of the features being run in a given test. Every time you execute a test run, it runs through the tests and at the end of a run ...
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Mandatory fields in selenium webdriver not changing the color of the dropdown from red to blue once value is selected?

I am new to Selenium Webdriver , I have an application build in angular 2 and trying to select values in drop down which are mandatory. 1) Select a value from a dropdown; initially the dropdown is ...
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Test data management for automation api testing

Can you help me with some ideas on how to deal more efficent with test data used as precondition for automated api tests? I can’t use api calls for creating the data, so I would have to use sql ...
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Java Cucumber - junit does not run any test

could you tell me why "mvn test" or "mvn verify" does not run any test ? Maybe any dependency is missing ? package cucumber.Options; import io.cucumber.junit.Cucumber; import io....
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How to execute test cases after ide crashed

Kindly suggest if I have 100 test cases after executing 40 Test Cases my IDE was crashed. So, on the next time when I am restarting my Test Cases again the execution should be start from 41 to 100. I ...
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Selenium JUnit tests each with different logged in (authenticated) users

I am using Selenium and JUnit to automate tests. Lets say there are two tests and each has to authenticate with a different user and perform an action. Can it be done any smarter than to call an ...
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Junit Report Generate

I am using Eclipse Kepler for the generation of test cases using JUnit. I have tried the follow through this link But ...
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Why tests fail when run in eclipse after creating through selenium IDE?

I have created many tests using Selenium IDE and exported into java files in order to run in eclipse. All tests work properly in Selenium IDE but when I run in eclipse(java file) it creates following ...
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