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Kanban is an Agile development process based on the Toyota Production System.

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Is there a max # of projects in QA as part of kanban?

Recently my place of work is switching from Scrum to kanban. In the process the QA tester mentioned that b/c they are a limited resource only 1 project can ever be in the QA testing column. I don't ...
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How to keep track of regression bugs during Sprint in JIRA?

I want to keep track of all the regression bugs in JIRA, which is not related to any specific user stories in the current sprint. While creating as separate bug/task in the sprint affect its scope. ...
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What should I be testing, aside from unit testing, in an agile environment?

The focus always seems to be on short stories and then the code that goes with them tends to have units tests. What other areas or levels should I be testing in? The context is for SaS (Software as ...
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Differences between KANBAN and SCRUM with respect to testing?

Could anyone please give some important differences between KANBAN and SCRUM with respect to testing? Any examples are most welcome.
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What free Kanban boards link with TFS

I am working in a small agile team and would like a free online Kanban board that links with TFS. The reason that I would like it to link to TFS is to cut the admin of entering in all the stories and ...
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How do you fit regression into Kanban?

This question was inspired by: Fitting regression testing in a Agile/ Scrum development cycle Two out of three answers there suggest a hardening sprint every couple of cycles. There's also mention ...
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