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Keyword-driven testing, also known as table-driven testing or action word based testing, is a software testing methodology suitable for both manual and automated testing. This method separates the documentation of test cases -including the data to use- from the prescription of the way the test cases are executed. As a result it separates the test creation process into two distinct stages: a design and development stage, and an execution stage.

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Getting Syntax Error while launching RIDE

I have installed Robot Framework, as well as wxPython After I installed RIDE, and launch RIDE by executing, I am getting the following error: C:\Python27\Scripts> ...
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What is the difference between BDD automation framework and Keyword driven automation framework?

I am using the Cucumber BDD framework for test automation. I have read articles on keyword-driven which state that keywords such as sign_in are exposed to nonprogrammers and the implementation is ...
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Test Complete Unable to load URL from Excel

Working on Test Complete Keyword driven framework, which is now migrated from Win7 to Win10. All the environment URLs configuration and actions are in Excel sheet. Issue: During execution once the ...
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Possible to Extract out Silktest Keywords

Starting up on a Project again, which in its 1st phase the PM agreed us Testers will be using Silk test(never asked just told) Long story short we were able to automate a large part of the application ...
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Robot framework - Trying to read data in edit mode, but its not fetching the text, instead its fetching "--Select--"

After clicking on Edit, a new page appears. I want to read a few data from that opened page. I used GET Value with locator to fetch id value. Id has 4 values New Open In ...
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What is the difference between keyword driven and Data driven frameworks in Automation?

I am having problems fully understanding the purpose of keyword driven frameworks compared to data-driven frameworks. What circumstances would make a keyword-driven framework more appropriate for an ...
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