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Questions tagged [legacy-system]

Legacy code can mean a number of related things, the most common of which are code inherited from someone else; code from a previous version of the application; code that is deprecated or outdated; or code that is untested. Many legacy systems meet all these criteria, and legacy code typically requires a different, more delicate approach than new code.

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Are Characterization (Golden Master/Snapshot) tests supposed to be human readable?

I am trying to write characterization tests, in order to quickly put a legacy system to a test harness. I was not able to find many examples with production code. The examples I find are small ...
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How to Reduce the Technical Debt of 1000 manual test cases?

I want my team to move away from manual testing as much as possible. As part of that I want us to automate around 1000 manual test cases. Some of these tests are for legacy features, which don't even ...
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How to measure progress when automating a legacy project?

I am working on a project to retrofit "automation" to a legacy project, it's a tricky beast, people just want to know what the progress is on it. Is there any real way to measure automation progress, ...
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What's the 'workflow' for writing tests for existing code with zero tests?

When I search for info on testing, all I seem to find is TDD/BDD workflow: Write a test for a basic functionality Run and watch if fail Implement Run tests again Fix code if needed Rinse/repeat ...
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Challenges of begining test driven development with legacy codebase [duplicate]

I am beginning development on a legacy codebase and adding new functionality. The legacy codebase has no tests defined at all, and I dont have full control over it. I want to use TDD to help ensure ...
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How can I export test cases in HP ALM to be re-imported into another ALM project?

I've been put on a new project, which has some legacy test cases, these test cases exist in ALM. I would like to export certain sections of this test plan for usage in the new project, which again ...
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Can anyone recommend a tool for integration tests for multi-machine system?

I've inherited a collection of desktop applications that currently have (for all intents) no automated test coverage. Generally speaking, these applications are typically deployed as a suite, ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Are there some well known pitfalls to avoid when starting with unit testing on a "legacy" web application?

I am participating on the development of the web application which has several years of history behind it and there never was enough value and effort put on refactoring, so considerable part of the ...
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16 votes
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In TDD, do tests need to be automated?

My manager's manager (... and his manager, and everyone else who wears a suit) at my firm is talking about how we really need to transition to TDD because it's better than what we're doing now. ...
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If I didn't use TDD but want to transition to agile, should I go back and create those unit tests?

In an transitioning agile environment, if there was no Test Driven Development (no unit tests created), should you create unit tests to catch up on technical debt? and to what extent? Should ...
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4 answers

Developing Unit Tests While Refactoring Legacy Code?

I have a big code library that I need to refactor in order for it to fit more nicely together (one big problem is there aren't clear enough boundaries between each component). Since there will be ...
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1.5 Million lines of code. 0 tests. Where should we start?

I'm a Java developer by trade. I was 'brought-up' in what you could call best practices. Then I took my current job. I had a choice between the Java/SOA team, and the ERP team. I was told that joining ...
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