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2 answers

Parameters for CSS Selector not working in Jmeter

I am working on Jmeter for testing a Magento application while using the CSS selector extractor and providing the following information. Please let me know if the parameters are correct. In the post ...
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1 answer

Jmeter- I am unable to sign up using CSS Selector extractor using Jmeter- Please Help

I am working on Jmeter for testing a Magento application. I am using CSS Selector Extractor for extracting the form_key element during sign up. I have provided the following parameters in CSS selector ...
1 vote
1 answer

When signup using jmeter it redirects to login page in magento 2?

When I am signup/register using JMeter proxy it redirects to the login page in Magento 2. Previously I am having the issue when login but it gets solved(ref link: Login doesn’t work and it redirects ...
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1 answer

Login doesn’t work and it redirects again to login page in magento 2 using jmeter

I am new to JMeter. I tried to record login or sign-up using the JMeter proxy in Magento 2.2.7 and I tried to view the result in the JMeter, but in JMeter. I'm unable to get the response of the login ...
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1 answer

Does the test and test tooling differ from Magento to other test tools or solutions?

I am on my way to one of my next Magento projects. Currently there is no test environment, no test days, no concepts or test plans. Even a team has to be set up first. I have already worked a lot in ...