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Management (or managing) is the administration of an organization

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Coping with an undersized QA team

We're building two inhouse products: 1- The first has web, android, and iOS (total of 9 developers) versions and has 2 QA engineers (1 full-time manual/automation engineer, the other is a 50% ...
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Is % of escaped defects a good KPI for a tester performance?

% of escaped defects means how many defects were found by customers post a release. It has been proposed as one of the metrics to evaluate testers' performance in one of the companies I know. I ...
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Looking for a faulty application for training

As part of training for new QA resources, I would like to have them practice testing against an application with known issues. I know there are security examples of this type of application (i.e. ...
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Establishing QA in a new company - models/guidelines to follow?

Our company opens a new subsidiary and my task is to establish the complete QA (QA, not testing) from scratch. For Quality control (testing, reviews, audits etc.) I intend to adopt TMMi Maturity Level ...
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How do I set specific (%) QA targets on reduction in bugs for the year?

We're starting from a relatively small number of bugs currently, hence my challenge. In other words, bug slippage is currently quite low already, but I have been tasked to make it even lower. If we ...
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Test Structure Analysis Documentation

Detail Information Currently I am in the process of building a QA structure, the following points are included and each one is designed for a project. Since I would like to start with the analysis ...
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