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Questions tagged [mock]

Mocking and faking are ways to isolate code or components to ensure that unit tests run against the testable unit of code only without actually utilizing other components or dependencies of an application. Mocking differs from faking in that a mock can be inspected to assert the results of a test.

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How to check children method has been called in jasmine test cases?

We use spyOn(this,"_new") to track a function call in jasmine. I need to check the children method call in jasmine. My code sample is given below, Sample code: function perform(option) { this....
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My mock test for Github client contains messy stubbing and it feels like I'm testing implementation details

I wrote a GithubClient class which is basically a wrapper for Ruby's Octokit library. It contains one public method aside from the constructor, called push, which basically creates commit in the ...
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How to test RobotFramework test library using mock objects

I have created a RobotFramework test library in Python. It internally utilizes paramiko and paramiko-expect packages to connect to various *nix hosts and execute Unix commands. I have been reading ...
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How can I mock location.pathname in reactjs

I tried all the possibilities to mock location.pathname This is my code if(typeof location !== undefined) { this.setParentPath(location.pathname); } This is one of the possibility I used to cover ...
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