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Model based testing is a testing technique that creates abstract functional models of system under tests, and derive test cases based on the create models.

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What is Model-based testing? [duplicate]

There is an ISTQB certificate for model-based testing, but I cannot understand what it is studying and who will need it?
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Model based testing

It seems that model based testing approach is dead. Most of tools for model based test end in 2010-2012. For example NModel is dead, Spec Expoler ends in 2012 visual studio. Why? What new methods are ...
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C# Tools for Model Based Test [closed]

I am new in Model Based Testing. Can you advice which tools can be used to develop Model Based Test in C#. Is it normal to use NModel? Or it's obsolet? What tools is used now?
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Difference between Behave tables and Model Based testing

What is the difference between the Behave tables you can write in BDD (see python-behave) and model-based testing? Such tables seem to generate a model for your test which you can use to test your ...
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What is the advantage of Model Based Testing and how is it used in practice?

I just attended a webinar for Tricentis and their Tosca tool which looks promising. How can this be applied to the real world? Would this tool replace manual testing? What does Model Based ...