Questions tagged [ms-azure]

Use for questions about testing that are specific to Microsoft's Azure cloud environment. Questions about testing Azure-hosted apps, creating Azure-hosted deployment pipelines, storing test data in the Azure environment, and so forth are all appropriate. This tag should be used for questions that are too general for the other Azure tags.

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Security testing for a AAD authentication web application using OWASP ZAP

I'm having difficulty in how to start security testing for these type of application which has Azure AD authentication. Can someone guide me on how to start this? Do I need to use Zest script for this?...
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Component testing microservice that consumes logs from azure log analytics

I am testing a microservice that is grabbing logs from an Azure Log Analytics (LA) resource and returning them as a digested response or placing them into a database. My current solution is using MS' ...
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Automate Microsoft’s authentication needing a certificate using selenium in a pipeline?

I am trying to run some scripts in a website using webdriverio, this site uses Microsoft’s login authentication in order to access the website, in my local it usually asks me to login not only with ...
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In Azure Test Plans, how do you Move a Test Case to another Test Suite?

In Microsoft Azure DevOps Test Plans / Test Manager, Test Plan view, how do you Move a Test Case to another Test Suite in the same Test Plan? I am not able to drag and drop the test case to another ...