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Questions tagged [page-object-pattern]

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Looking from Page Object Model and OOP viewpoint (Selenium) how do we deal with waiting for web element?

Lets assume that I have a list of web elements: private List<WebElement> listOf250Movies; To action/process the list I need to implement explicit wait. In accordence to single responsibility ...
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Selenium - Page Object Model - Good way to identify page during a dynamic flow

My application has a possible flow to get all info from the user, where at max might consist of pages in the order A->B->C->D->E->F, each page asking for different info until we get to ...
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Is it mandatory to return a PageObject instance in every Page Object save/submit method?

In the Page Object model, we separate page UI elements and Test methods. However, there is a concept of Page chaining, in which we return an object on the next Page Object in the previous page object ...
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Is the Page Object Pattern the ideal approach for browser automation for a website with a frontend that has nested frames?

I'm confronted with a web application which has a front-end that has frames in frames in frames. Regarding automated UI Tests with Selenium and Cucumber, is the Page Object Pattern the right approach ...
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