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Pairwise testing is a combinatorial method of software testing that for each pair of input parameters to a system tests all possible discrete combinations of those parameters.

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How to deal with too many test cases?

I have a simple question, but it is still unanswered. For example, I want to test a register feature, where the user must enter their name, email, and password. The possible inputs are like this: ...
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What are the Benefits and Limitations of Pair Testing?

Can you give me a brief overview of what pair testing is, along with some of its pros and cons over single person testing.
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Need some advice on testing a logic engine

I'm putting together a test plan to test a logic engine that takes input from a user in forms of answers to mainly closed questions. The engine then evaluates the answers against certain rules and ...
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On pairwise rules engine

I played with PICT but am unable to get it to express, or generate the test cases for the following: Some things should never change. action : buy, sell category : ...
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All-pairs table vs orthogonal array

After researching the web, I haven't found a clear explanation and example of the difference between All-pairs table and orthogonal array. Can someone provide one?
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Testing with PICT, but incomplete testcases

I've also already asked this question in Stackoverflow, but I think I would get a better answer here. I'm testing a triangle problem in PICT. I'm testing if a triangle is an equilateral triangle, an ...
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Pairwise Testing - How do you find the most important cases?

Currently I have to create manual test cases for a feature with 64 different combinations. I think it is not useful to create test cases for all of them. How do I find the most important combinations? ...
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Verifying an unlimited number of combinations

We are in the process of changing our barcode format to Code 128 and use all kinds of "special" ASCII characters in the barcodes to maximize the data we can encode in it. A barcode scanner works like ...
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Pairwise-Testing: How do you identify equivalent software code?

As some of you might've already noticed I'm trying to find some shortcuts in software testing with pairwise method. Last friday I stumbled upon some modules under test, which all have some basic ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How to convince your colleagues of pairwise testing?

I've been working on the pairwise topic for more than one month now and I went from "pairwise testing is a nice method in theory, but not applicable in our case" to "pairwise is nice in theory and ...
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Thoughts on pairwise testing

With pairwise testing we're able to reduce exhaustive testing to testing all combinations of pairs. I'm new to a group of software testers testing an huge amount of functions with many input variables....
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