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How to introduce Agile to a waterfall company as a Tester?

How to introduce Agile to a company working in the waterfall paradigm? 1. People How to best describe it to management developers Can Agile "guarantee" some quick wins? Does it depend on ...
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Who are the most popular Selenium Automation experts and advocates? [closed]

I am a newbie in Selenium WebDriver and have started my journey of learning the tools. I wanted to follow blogs/articles/tutorials of most famous and expert Automation engineers who work primarily on ...
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Is there a standard list of mutually exclusive project roles?

I am reading through the "Project Roles" section of a Software Development Standard Operating Procedure document. This particular document is clear that multiple roles can be assigned to a single ...
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How to motivate people to share testing tools?

We have a number of teams, each with developers and SDETs. SDETs automate current sprint tests and, often, create tools/libraries supporting test automation within their teams. A year ago we started ...
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What are the key differences between the roles of Assistant Team Lead and Team Lead in Testing? [closed]

Recently I was interviewed for the role of Assistant team lead and the interviewer asked about the difference between the roles and responsibilities of an Assistant Team Lead and a Team Lead. I am ...
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What should you look for in a testing manager?

In some organizations, individual contributors have the opportunity to interview their prospective manager. What should testers look for in a testing manager?
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What additional benefits does an software engineer bring to a QA position

I have noticed in the last few years that employers are now looking for QA/Developers (QA engineers that have been skilled developers). I would like to know what others believe are the actually ...
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What are the key properties of a great QA team member?

Provided you are ready to hire your first (or next) QA team member, what are the key properties of a person you will pay attention to?