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Performance testing is the process of determining the speed or effectiveness of a computer, network, software program or device.

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When signup using jmeter it redirects to login page in magento 2?

When I am signup/register using JMeter proxy it redirects to the login page in Magento 2. Previously I am having the issue when login but it gets solved(ref link: Login doesn’t work and it redirects ...
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Is it really possible to be a Full-Stack QA & if yes then list the technical skills required?

Everyone needs an all-rounder whether it is a software developer or Tester these days. Hence we are hearing the term “Full Stack QA” these days so my question is what skill-set makes a Full Stack QA &...
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Benchmarking web page performance

I currently work in QA at a small software company that develops web based training software. Most of the work I do is manual usability testing but recently I've been tasked with performance testing ...
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HOW do I do performance testing on a web app (manually)?

It is an interview question, and I did not know how to tackle it. do I go to DevTools and check its performance? what kind of tools do I use?
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Unable to print the individually reporting status using Label of JSR223 Sampler in HTML Dashboard Report of JMeter

I am executing a test plan where I have moved the files from source to destination one by one by using for each loop in JSR223 Sampler of JMeter. I am unable to print each fIle's status that has been ...
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Handle Dynamic boundary in Jmeter [duplicate]

ab&2e;1652769179"/> i did correlction using rerular expression ab&2e;(.*?)"/> but during execution some times extra text (cd&3d;) adding to the data like ab&2e;cd&3d;1652769179"/>...
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Login doesn’t work and it redirects again to login page in magento 2 using jmeter

I am new to JMeter. I tried to record login or sign-up using the JMeter proxy in Magento 2.2.7 and I tried to view the result in the JMeter, but in JMeter. I'm unable to get the response of the login ...
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How to hide (Child samplers ) in jtl and html report

Executed the test in Non GUI mode and jtl file child samplers are also got generated and after reading the articles tried to uncheck the Save the subresults and clicked on done but still child ...
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