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PHPUnit is a free framework for testing PHP-scripts.

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How to add an assert to an if ..else condition using Phpunit and selenium webdriver

I'm working on test automation for a big project and I'm using Phpunit and as a server I'm using Selenium WebDriver. In the source code I'm using asserts like : $this->assertContains('Project Title'...
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How to configure Phpunit.xml to use multiple browsers in Phpunit test with selenium webdriver

I'm working on automation test for a big project and I'm using **Phpunit** for functional test and as a server **selenium webdriver**. I want to execute many tests using **different browsers** , I don'...
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Adding exception annotation in Phpunit

I'm using assertContains() method and I want to add an exception because during the test, if this return false it's stopped and not running the second test. I followed the PhpUnit documentation but I ...
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