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A Project Object Model (POM) is the fundamental unit of work in Maven.

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Using maven to create a standalone jar file that executes in any OS

I am trying to create a standalone selenium-TestNG tests Jar file that can be executed in any OS as part of CI/CD. My POM.xml is as follows: <project xmlns="
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Nightwatch: Timed out while waiting for element to be present. - expected "found" but got "not found"

Using Nighwatch's POM below is a page function to click a button, page needs to be refreshed and validate if element present. using this.api.refresh() to refresh the page. But waitForElementPresent ...
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Auto suggestions missing for built in locators like goto, click, fill in Playwright Javascript

I am doing playwright java script automation using POM cucumber BDD framework. I initiated page object in Hooks file. If I want to access that page object in another methods in the same file it is not ...
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Course suggestion for BDD Framework using POM and Python (Selenium Automation)

I tried to find an automation course that includes bdd framework with pom and Pyhton but I am not able to find any course regarding can you help me to find a link of such course
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Imitiating the Appium Inspector 'Refresh' button functionality in code? (Java)

is there a way for us to refresh the application's elements present in the DOM? similar to the way you refresh the elements using the Appium Inspector's 'Refresh' button? driver.refresh() only works ...
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Facing error java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: jdk.proxy2.$Proxy9.proxyClassLookup() on run appium with POM

Hi everyone im facing this error on run appium with POM here is complete error java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: jdk.proxy2.$Proxy9.proxyClassLookup() at io.appium....
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How to generate report using extent reports in Page Object Model in C#

I have created a POM framework using NUnit in C#. I have created Reporting.cs file which creates reports for the test in that class. How I can generate reports for all tests in different classes ...
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How to locate a link using page object model after mouse over

When I hover over login text there are list of links, i need to select Infostore using Page Object model approach. I am new to Selenium could any one help. I have the outer HTML for you: <div ...
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Trouble Implementing Test Automation Framework with Selenium and Java

I'm currently working on implementing a test automation framework using Selenium WebDriver and Java for a web application. While I've made some progress, I've encountered a few challenges that I could ...
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Page chaining in POM method

I have created three packages. generic webpage script In generic I have base test and other common methods. In webpage I created class for each web page. In Script I have my testcases. I need ...
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