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Questions tagged [postman]

Postman is the complete tool chain for API developers to make API development faster, easier, and better.

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0 answers

How can we validate the response body using Tests in postman

Request Body { "StudentInfo":{ "Student":[ { "StudentId":"001" } } } Response Body { "Studentinfo":{ "Student":[ { "StudentId":&...
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Postman: mock server input parameters

I have created a mock server. I access it via {{url}}/mock1 and the response body I have mocked is the below. [ { "ID": 1, "LETTER": "A" }, { ...
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Some value from Postman test undefined

I need to create tests in Postman for running key values for the AI Conversation app. I have created tests, where I have used the logic below, where I can see all of the values after a test run except ...
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Postman gives There was an error in evaluating the test script: JSONError: No data, empty input at 1:1 ^ error

I'm trying to create a postman script that sends an SMS message to a phone. When I send the message I get this error: There was an error in evaluating the test script: JSONError: No data, empty input ...
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Login flow automation of application which uses aws cognito to login the use into the app

I have an application where I need to automate the login flow using postman. The application UI accepts email and password but the thing is in the backend that application is using aws cognito to ...
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Postman - Compare response body with database data

Request Body: { "StudentInfo":{ "Student":[ { "StudentId":"001" } } } Response Body { "Studentinfo":{ "Student&...
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POSTMAN - How to fetch data using POST method instead of GET?

This is the url on which i'm sending a GET request to access data - The data i'm getting in response is somewhat like this (id - 1, name - john, job - QA ; id - 2, name - ...
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