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Questions tagged [qualification]

The process of qualifying for an achievement, or a credential attesting to that achievement in software testing field.

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32 votes
6 answers

Fundamental Requirements For an Entry Level QA Engineer

I'm in a dilemma I'm sure most of you were at some point at the beginning of your careers. I'm about to start my Junior year in college this fall and I major in Information Systems. I currently work ...
35 votes
11 answers

How does a tester's perspective towards software differ from a developer's?

Just as there are developers who are orders of magnitude more productive and creative than other developers, so are there testers who are similarly outstanding. We all have our opinions about what ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Preparing for ISEB/ISTQB

I recently asked this question on a less active exchange and as a result didn't get the range of opinions I was after so am repeating it here. I've been working as a tester for the last 6 months (in ...
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9 votes
4 answers

What proficiency should a software tester have in SQL?

Both in my current job and in my previous job, there are a number of areas of the application to test that require mining data from a relational database, specifically Microsoft SQL Server of various ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Moving to software QA from a non-IT QA role

I have an associate of mine that currently has a few years(4+) of experience as a Quality Assurance professional, mainly examining products for a large retailer. However, they're looking to move into ...
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