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Robust messaging for applications

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Serenity BDD and RabbitMQ use together

Details Currently we are in the process of integrating RabbitMQ into our stages. I sell here accordingly a test plan through. Currently we use the test framework Serenity and here also for the Api ...
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Performance testing of messaging system using Gatling

I am looking to compare different message-queuing brokers like activeMQ, rabbitMQ and Kafka. Given that I'm new to this field, is it possible to test all of them using Gatling tool? I am not sure ...
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Query RabbitMQ status real-time

Is there a way to query RabbitMQ message counts real-time/quickly? We have a scenario where we need to query the status of RabbitMQ message queues real-time, but the REST APIs available from the web ...
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Test automation for microservices architecture

I am in charge of implementing QA processes and test automation for a project using microservices architecture. Project has one public api that makes some data available. So I will automate API tests....
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