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Engineering activities involved in discovering, documenting and maintaining a set of requirements for a computer-based system

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How to keep track of the features in a website for impact analysis?

I have been working for an ecommerce client for the last 6 years as manual and automation QA engineering. New features gets applied to our site once in 2 weeks. Whenever a redesign project comes up, ...
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What are the ingredients for a successful Three Amigos meeting?

Three amigos: Three amigos refers to the primary perspectives to examine an increment of work before, during, and after development. Those perspectives are: Business – What problem are we trying to ...
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What are the similarities and differences between UX as a software quality and other quality requirements?

There are a number of quality requirements (also known as non-functional requirements) that have been explored over the years both in theory and practice. Examples are: performance, security, ...
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