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Questions tagged [rest-api]

When Web services use REST architecture, they are called RESTful APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or REST APIs.

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JMeter REST API script not working over Https

I have a JMeter script, that actually have a "HTTP Sampler" for hitting a REST API. This Rest service is running on HTTPS that is currently using "Self-Signed Certificate", but when I run my script ...
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Using `ava` test runner for functional testing

This question is to get a recommendation from the community, what framework/library they mostly use for testing their APIs (REST) in JavaScript. I stumbled upon, would ...
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Header isnt being sent when using faraday gem ruby

I am doing an Api automation in Ruby and I am using the Gem Faraday to automate a file upload in my API. I have the follow problem: My Header is not being sent. I just tried all the options and is ...
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SoapUI/ReadyAPI: How to best compare two data sources

I am currently setting up some REST API tests. I have a test case that has the following Steps: Data Source - Get all Auth credentials in database REST Request - Auth POST getting auth token ...
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Get error (Illegal query expression: must be surrounded with curly brackets) while trying to fetch details about test-set in QC ALM Rest api

I want to update the test results of Cucumber test scenarios to QC ALM using Rest API. I have individual test-set for all automation test scenario (There is a 1-1 mapping between automation test ...
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Not able to capture/Extract id generated in response in Post method

I am facing this issue - capture/print the id generated in response last 2 line are the issue, the moment i take out last 2 line,test get passed public void emp() { RestAssured.baseURI= "...
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UFT: How can I call a gui test with the result of an api test?

The result of the rest service returns me a url to download a file, I would need to use that url in a gui test to open it in the IE browser, can someone help me how to pass that parameter? My test ...
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TestNGClassFinder Warning: Can't link and determine methods of class examples.ExamplesTest

Just started with Karate API test sample project and encountered with this issue. My pom.xml <project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="
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How to add test cases to TFS via REST API

I'm implementing a library to export/synchronize test cases into TFS automaticaly during test run. One of my requirements is that I need to use NodeJS, so I decided to use TFS REST API. In my code I'm ...
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How to provide File and some para. to POST API using Python/ C#?

Team, I am trying to provide File and some para. as a input for API. Expecting output based on validation. Even after providing both inputs correctly, I am getting File as null with length 0. Below ...
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